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Andy Ashcraft makes a miraculous recovery from mesothelioma, the most deadly of all asbestos-related cancers, and attributes the miracle to cannabis oil. Ashcraft was on the verge of death when his wife, Ruth, insisted that his doctors administer the un-FDA approved cannabis oil as a last-resort treatment; in the 12 months since Andy is back in full spirits and his latest CT scan showed he has no sign of tumor growth. In addition, Andy grew strong enough to have a much needed surgery performed. Currently, Andy is taking no pharmaceutical drugs.

A young man, Jason Collins of Codford, England, pleads guilty to production of cannabis and possession of cannabis with intent to sell; Judge Christopher Harvey Clark hands down a heavy sentence of attending horticulture college. College should help change Collins’ impression of marijuana.

Extra Extra: Congressmen, including Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado, of states who have legalized marijuana are vocalizing their belief that other US Congressmen should not stand in the way of growing American consent. Polis says he has Congressmen backing him on bills that would allow dispensaries to deduct businesses expenses from their taxes and open banking accounts.





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