Our goal is to connect innovative entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the rapidly growing legal cannabis market and provide them with capital, facilities, and mentorship. In return, we ask for a nominal stake in the resulting company. Prospective DGL entrepreneurs go through a consultation with our experienced investment team, who provide an initial valuation and investment offers. Successful candidates are provided with physical co-working space to create an environment of collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. Our management team is there to provide mentorship and help our entrepreneurs set and meet goals for growth. Our comprehensive program is designed to help get you up and running independently in as short a time as possible, ready to take on the ever-expanding legal cannabis market.

Market Expertise

Our founders have been involved in the medical cannabis field for a combined twenty-five years. That hands-on experience gives us the knowledge to understand what will make newcomers to this space truly competitive.

Locally Grown

At Denver Green Labs, we are fully committed to boosting the local economy. This happens in two ways:

Attracting outside capital from regions where cannabis investments are non-existent.

Empowering local entrepreneurs to drive job creation.

Fertile Soil

In addition to providing promising entrepreneurs the funds to help their ideas grow, we also provide a rent-free co-working space, reducing overhead costs and providing a distraction-free environment for those committed to their success.

Proven Track Record

In addition to finding success with their own ventures, our management team has already helped boost local projects.