As the cannabis industry grows, the ways to consume cannabis is growing, and the industry is becoming more creative. Whereas smoking used to be the go-to method, other ways to get your THC kick like edibles, oils and more, are becoming more popular among users.

Depending on what kind of marijuana user you are, you have different options. This article will outline the different consumption methods that are growing in popularity in the industry.


Smoking is one of the most efficient delivery methods, and still one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. Smoking results in an almost instant high and produces consistent effects. When you smoke, you can also curate your own experience by selecting the specific strain to control what kind of high you experience.


A lot of cannabis users want to avoid the unhealthy implications of inhaling smoke regularly. This is making vaping much more popular than it was just a decade ago. Vaporizers produce vapor, which is much less harsh on your lungs than smoke and provides a similar full body high as smoking directly. When you vape, rather than burning the weed, the vaporizer heats it to a high enough temperature to extract THC for you to inhale. You can vape flower and choose your own strain, or buy oil cartridges. When vaping oil, you can still select specific strains and control your high like you can with flower.

Cannabis Drinks

Cannabis infused drinks are a newer creation but are growing in popularity for their convenience and variety. Cannabis drinks currently on the market include coffee, soda, wine, and different flavored waters. Like edibles, cannabis drinks produce a strong, full-body high that is long lasting. Depending on the drink, it can also provide other benefits. When mixed with caffeine, the cannabis drink can give you the benefits of a cup of coffee plus the perks of your favorite strain of THC. There is also a variety of cannabis and CBD tea on the market which is advertised as being a more mild and soothing approach to consuming THC. The therapeutic benefits of tea, mixed with marijuana, can be a great way to wind down after a long day.


Edibles are a convenient and tasty way to consume cannabis and don’t have any of the negative implications of smoking. Edibles can also create a more intense high since the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This can take a while to kick in, but once it does, it makes for an intense, long-lasting high. Sometimes edibles can take up to two hours to kick in depending on your metabolism and what else you’ve eaten that day. Edibles are a great choice because there are nearly endless possibilities of what you can eat. If you make or buy your own butter or oil, you can add it to virtually any food. There are also hundreds of brands now producing everything from gummies and cakes to popcorn and full gourmet dishes infused with THC.

Cannabis Oil and Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures and oils let you reap the benefits of THC with just a few drops on your tongue. Just place a few drops directly on your tongue, into a drink, or onto your food, and you’ll start feeling the effects in about 20 minutes. It’s a convenient way to enjoy cannabis without needing to smoke or to consume an entire edible. You can find tinctures and oils in a variety of flavors and strengths. Since you only need to take a few drops, the oil is concentrated enough to last you for a while, making it a pretty cost-effective way to consume THC as well.

Cannabis Creams and Lotions

Since THC needs to enter your bloodstream to make you feel high, creams and lotions won’t give you those euphoric effects. However, cannabis topicals are becoming more popular for treating skin conditions like itchiness, pain, inflammation, and even acne. Cannabis topicals differ from other THC products because they won’t produce an altered mental state of euphoria that you’re used to when consuming or smoking weed. It only impacts the surface of your skin to treat external conditions and won’t have any psychological benefits like the other products on this list.

How you consume cannabis will impact the effect, the length of the high, and could affect the overall experience. Try a few methods and see which one works best for how you want to feel. Remember that different products come in various strengths and concentrations. Pay attention to the amount of THC you’re consuming at once to curate your own experience more effectively.