More and more states are going medical and recreational across the US, but Colorado is still one of the OGs, and Denver is still one of the best places for dispensaries. But will literally hundreds of options to choose from, it can be tough to figure out what the best dispensaries in Denver are. Living in Denver, as we do, we thought we’d have a good inside perspective on this. So we polled the team to find out which ones got the most votes.

Here are some of our favorite dispensaries in the Mile High City and what we love about them. 

The Green Solution

The Green Solution gives folks in Colorado one of the best, most user-friendly retail experiences, both in-person and online. With a huge but well-organized selection of products, many of which are in-house, you can pre-order a very specific experience and you can do it online. Some locals were worried when TGS was purchased by Columbia Care, but so far we see no serious downside to the change—at least in terms of your day-to-day experience there at the dispensaries.

The Green Solution: Most Convenient

High Level Health

This place is definitely a local favorite, racking up awards well into the hundreds. For exceptional concentrates, flower, and vapes, you can’t go wrong with HLH. We also love their exclusive strains, the result of their own breeding program and an overall emphasis on customer satisfaction and wellness. The detail that goes into selecting strains and choosing all-natural growing methods is serious here. No wonder they keep winning. Plus, the prices are right, and the loyalty programs also help make it worth your while.

High Level Health: Most Awarded


LivWell has dispensaries in and around the Denver area, and it does a nice recreational seed-to-sale business. But what we love the most about LivWell is their star power, including the awesome selection of celebrity-endorsed cannabis products. We love seeing the edibles, strains of flower, concentrates and vapes that the likes of stoners like Snoop Dogg are allegedly choosing—and they’re definitely good.

LivWell: Snoop Doggiest

Apothecary Farms

If you love concentrates, you’ll love Apothecary Farms. This hot spot for cannabis extracts delivers exceptional high-cannabinoid offerings. The flavor snobs out there will love their house specialty: terpene preservation, and the refined extraction techniques they use to achieve it, including climate-controlled transport and cryo freezers. If you want your fruity strains to taste fruity and your gassy strains to bite, this is where you go.

Apothecary Farms: Best Concentrate Selection

Native Roots

Don’t get us wrong, Native Roots dispensaries have it all, from a range of inexpensive to top shelf flower to a social scene. But the original location is a specialized boutique for all things hemp and CBD, and we love it and the selection there. For anything CBD, don’t miss Native Roots.

Native Roots: Best CBD Selection

Lucy Sky

Lucy Sky is known for going all out to create a great customer experience. This dispensary sees the relationships between cannabis consumers and people like budtenders and other staff as a long-term thing. The team here wants to give you advice, and they don’t mind spending the time. Bonus: they always have something to talk about, because the selection is amazing.

Lucy Sky: Best Customer Service

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Co.

This is the new face of Northern Lights, which sources its cannabis from a huge co-op of third-party growers. This means choices galore, not to mention something new even for the hardened old pothead. Fans of high-end flower will not be disappointed, and can expect a huge variety of prices and options. The same is true for those who prefer extracts and concentrates, because you’ll really find it all here.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Co.: Most Choice