Who We Are

Green Labs - staff

Every big idea starts off small. All it takes is the right environment and attention for the seeds of innovation to grow into something greater. At Denver Green Labs, we’re all about cultivating growth, providing passionate innovators with the funding and the space to truly thrive in a competitive market. 

As a seed-stage business accelerator, DGL is committed to making sure you have the necessary resources to turn your small business into a thriving market competitor. Following a consultation with our investment team, we’ll provide you with an initial valuation and start-up funds in return for a small stake in the company (typically between 5-9%). 

We also provide a co-working space for our DGL entrepreneurs. Not only does this allow you rent-free physical space in which to work, but you’ll be meeting face-to-face with other like-minded innovators on a daily basis, further driving the creative process. We provide this service because we believe that greatness grows only in fertile soil. 

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