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Nichole Montanez, a photographer, is a year into her ‘Faces of Cannabis’ project; its aim is informing the public on the benefits of using cannabis oil to treat children with narcolepsy. By attaching the face of a child to the marijuana legalization effort, Montanez’s project has powerful potential to change the public’s perception of marijuana.

Today we honor the life of Patricia Tabram, an English woman who repeatedly and openly stood up for her right to possess marijuana and consume marijuana-laced casseroles; she represented the Legalise Cannabis Party in the 2005 general election and even served 10 months in jail for possession at the age of 66.

University of British Colombia Okanagan and Tilray, a Canadian cannabis producer, to partner and conduct clinical trials aimed at determining whether medical cannabis is a viable treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Order; it is the world’s largest mobilization of its kind and a sign that the health disorder is a serious and growing concern for people around the world.






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