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Fox & Nug is a new cannabis magazine, created to highlight some of the most inspirational artists, tokers, inventors, researchers, nugs, and activists in the ever-budding Cannabis Community. A true picture book of our time in weed. Here we encourage provocative and enlightening conversations about cannabis, health, humanity, mother nature, and the human spirit.   We’d like to provide an instant portal to the various arts, emphasizing individuality while exploring the taboos of embracing a healthy sexuality. We’ve got mad love for nug and for all the foxy ladies out there who do too. So come on in!



The Science of Weed

The Movement: We are at the tipping point of changing the perception of marijuana as an illegal drug. To stop being known as a narcotic and start being known as a medicine. We are taking the leading edge doctors/researchers and the scientifically proven facts that exist RIGHT NOW, and presenting them clearly and simply to create an understanding so that anyone can make a new decision grounded in logic and science.

Our Mission: To provide safe and easy access to proven information regarding medicinal cannabis. So we’ve decided to make the most credible, scientifically backed medicinal cannabis documentary to date.

The Film: To create The Science of Weed we will be traveling to strategic places in the world to highlight the most comprehensive research from top doctors into one feature length documentary film. We’ll be highlighting studies on how cannabis helps patients with cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, aids, multiple sclerosis, chronic and severe pain, migraines and many other debilitating diseases.

The Purpose: Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, either for or against marijuana, people should have access to the unbiased scientific facts. Science that’s untainted so we can all make intelligent, informed decisions for ourselves and our loved ones.


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Fractal Integrated Wellness

The current health care model for many veterans consists of long wait times, prescription medication over use and mismanagement as well as minimal provider sessions for mental health. The simple assembly line model is the norm for our nation’s heroes. This simply will not do.

Fractal Integrative Wellness aims to find a meeting ground for the conventional medical models and the holistic therapies found to be effective in PTSD treatment, mainly integrating cannabis in to conventional therapy methods. Fusing these two methods and constantly researching the uses of cannabis for our nations veterans, Fractal stands to make a difference in any veteran’s life who is looking for a change


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 impact network

Our Mission: We provide patients with endocannabinoid deficiency a better quality of life through faster diagnosis and customized treatments.

Research: We study the safety and benefits of long-term cannabinoid consumption as well as endocannabinoid levels across the lifespan of chronic illness.

Education: We provide education of the benefits and safety of cannabinoid treatment to patients, doctors, nonprofits and businesses 


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Ask The Pot Scientist!


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Linx Kiosk



Mystery Weed Shopper

We provide web, social marketing, branding and marketing support for vendors and dispensaries interested in reaching medical, recreational and canna-tourism markets.  Our interest in in assisting you in providing top quality service and to extend your reach to more customers than ever.. 




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The first ever integrated combination locking portable safe is created to easily store, organize, and lock cannabis and cannabis infused edibles. Our mission is to keep kids safe and offer a peace of mind to parents. In 2014 in Colorado, there were 4.8 million cannabis infused edibles sold. The Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center received 151 calls about cannabis related incidents, 48 of those were for kids under 8 yrs old. The StashLogix lockable cases will help legitimize the cannabis industry by providing a product that can place self-regulation in the hands of the consumers.


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Test Your Cannabis Colorado

Test Your Cannabis is a scientific testing lab catering to Joe (or Jane) 6-plant. Coloradans enjoy the right to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal use, and they are taking full enjoyment in learning to grow and cultivate unique strains. Now, with Test Your Cannabis Colorado, the average grower can have access to data about the 3 major chemical components of their legal grow.


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The Herbalista Set

Cannabis lifestyle accessories for the modern, empowered woman.




Accannadations Marijuana Brand Ambassadors mission is to help cannabis brands bridge the gap between suppliers & vendors. Accannadations mobilize your cannabis brand to reach the proper places and people within the cannabis community. We offer a network of  marijuana  professionals who are primed and ready to bring your cannabis brand to countless retail vendors. We are a licensed cannabis distributor based in Denver, CO. Established in 2014, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Large scale solutions, product development and project managing, we offer our clients the full package.



Cannabis Clean

Cannabis Clean is the first step in creating a clean grow room for marijuana. Our anti-microbial applications prevent mold, mildew & more.




Digital media, branding and marketing for the Hemp and Cannabis industry





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Cannabis Quality Engineering

At CQE we believe in the advancement of cannabis industry and science. Our mission is to help our clients protect their businesses with Quality Management.




Sensi Media

 Sensi Media Group






Roux Black Consulting

Roux Black Consulting is a creative idea firm that specializes in entertainment, media, booking and campaign development. We work with clients to expand their consumer base and demographic. In short, we improve the process.

Email Ru@RouxBlack.com for more information



Disposabowls is a revolutionary new pipe for cannabis consumption, unlike anything currently on the market. Perfect for on the go consumption and made of durable ceramic with a cap for stash protection, Durabowls are always ready for life’s adventure.


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Greenhaus Vending

Greenhaus vending machines offer an innovative new way for consumers to purchase products! Our prepaid exchange system allows members to purchase points online or from a mobile device and redeem them for products and services.




A complete online health, wellness, fitness & nutrition platform for the cannabis industry!





A collective for regulars, BAKER lets you skip the line, browse member-only specials and earn rewards for loyalty at your favorite dispensaries.